I hold most of my recitals in conjunction with Shining Stars Music Academy at Crossroads United Methodist Church.   In September, there will be a potluck recital.  In December, all students are invited to an open house to share their Christmas selections and other favorites.  In February,  formal recitals are held. In May an ensemble recital is held. Other recitals and performance opportunities in the community may also be scheduled.

Ribbon Festival/Achievement Day - is sponsored by Grand Junction Music Teachers Association in November.  This event is open and recommended for all students.  Students exhibit their progress in many areas.

Sonatina Festival and Solo Ensemble(odd years 2011, 2013 etc) and Performers' Choice  Festival(even years 2012, 2012 etc.)  will be held the end of February or the beginning of March. Each festival is held every other year. These festivals are competitive or graded  events. If you would like to participate in this festival let me know in the fall so we can choose appropriate pieces to prepare.

American Composer Recital - Held in late April.  Any student who has prepared a piece by an American Composer may participate in this event.